Backless Dress D.I.Y

Hey everyone, this week I’m sharing my first Fall D.I.Y.  I used Simplicity Pattern Newlook 6508 view C. I love everything about this dress, its actually a two piece. I can wear the skirt and the top separately.  This dress is backless and both pieces ( top & skirt) is being held together by the 5  buttons in front of the dress.



To make this dress I purchased 2 1/4 yards of Rayon fabric in the color red and black. The  Newlook pattern fabric suggestions were Chambray, Crepe, and Cotton Types, but I chose Rayon because its lighter in weight. Sewing this dress was pretty easy and I love how it turned out.




Swim Suit D.I.Y

Summer is coming to an end and it’s still hot as hell in Southern California. This week I made a third swimsuit using my favorite Vogue patterns V9192. I’ve sewn all the views in this pattern except view C.


The view I’ve sewn this week is View A & D, with the same fabric I used for view B. Sewing this D.I.Y was pretty easy and I enjoyed creating my first bikini. I would  normally prefer one piece bathing suit, I haven’t worn a bikini since I was a teen. But this Vogue bikini is amazing and I love how it fits my figure, its very easy to sew.



Vogue Pattern Version Of View A& D

I made View A & F last month a few days before vacation in Kauai, Hawaii.


Vogue Pattern Version View A & F

The fabric for this D.I.Y is the same sparkle blue knit material I used for the d.i.y cardigan. Next Summer I’ll be sewing View C for the first time and view A & F again.



Summer Vintage Patterns

Since I’ve been sewing , collecting vintage patterns has become something I love to do. I have found many cool patterns that were made before I was born. The three patterns I’m presenting were made between 1980 and 1999. I haven’t sewn any of these patterns because they are not in my size. Before they’re sewn I will have to grade them down one or two sizes. All of the patterns bellow are made from either The McCall Pattern Company or Simplicity Patterns.These patterns are my favorite styles in my collection, and are perfect for Summer and Spring. Here are a few summer vintage patterns.

Thrift Find

This past weekend I found some really cool vintage patterns. Thrift stores is a great place to buy sewing patterns for close to nothing and the money you spend goes to charity.  I went to the local 3 Way Thrift Store and got two patterns for only 1 dollar.Best deal ever 😄😁, retail price for new patterns can be from 10-20 dollars. Now,let’s get to these wonderful finds so the first pattern is this 1986 Buttrick  3912. 

I’ve been searching for a pattern  like this one for months,I’m overly excited  about finding it and adding it to my pattern collection. This pattern is uncut and still in factory folded form , which mean all sizes are still available to use.   I’ve purchased some  rayon fabric last year for a garment like this and will use it for this pattern. Ill have a post on the finished garment in  the future, here is the fabric.

Next is this McCall 8108, it was made in 1996. 

I love McCall patterns this one  is a simple pullover dress with four views. It is also uncut and in factory folded form. I got really lucky with this purchase,sometimes  when  buying vintage patterns at thrift stores they can be cut and used. I’m really happy with these pattern  conditions. Looking forward to finding more awsome and rare vintage patterns.
Presheil. S