Vintage Two Piece

Hey everyone, this is week I created a Summer Vintage look using two Simplicity Patterns. For the top I used Simplicity 1426 view D and Simplicity Pattern 1559 view D for the skirt.I had to alter the skirt and the top at the side seams by 1 inch to get the perfect.  Also, for the skirt I used an 7 inch invisible zipper instead of a regular zipper at the center back. Those were the only changes I made for this d.i.y, and I’m pretty happy with the results.

Sewing this two piece was very easy and fun and I just love the sunflower print fabric. Summer will be over soon, so I’m sewing my last few projects I had plan for the season.  Make sure your subscribed to stay updated on my latest post, thank you for the support.  Here is my Vintage Two Piece D.I.Y :






Swim Suit D.I.Y

Summer is coming to an end and it’s still hot as hell in Southern California. This week I made a third swimsuit using my favorite Vogue patterns V9192. I’ve sewn all the views in this pattern except view C.


The view I’ve sewn this week is View A & D, with the same fabric I used for view B. Sewing this D.I.Y was pretty easy and I enjoyed creating my first bikini. I would  normally prefer one piece bathing suit, I haven’t worn a bikini since I was a teen. But this Vogue bikini is amazing and I love how it fits my figure, its very easy to sew.



Vogue Pattern Version Of View A& D

I made View A & F last month a few days before vacation in Kauai, Hawaii.


Vogue Pattern Version View A & F

The fabric for this D.I.Y is the same sparkle blue knit material I used for the d.i.y cardigan. Next Summer I’ll be sewing View C for the first time and view A & F again.



D.I.Y Short Suit

Hi everyone, this week I made a short suit using Simplicity 8635. The weather has been blazing hot, so I knew this d.i.y would be perfect to keep cool. I acquired 2 yards of floral print Chambray fabric  at Hobby Lobby on sale for 2.99 a yard (Great Deal!!). Its the same fabric I used for the Three Piece D.I.Y.  Also, I purchase one 7 inch invisible Zipper, two spools of thread and interfacing.  This is the second short suit I’ve sewn from Simplicity Pattern Company and it was very easy. What I love  about this pattern is the style and the  four options I can choose.  For my garment I chose to mix the patterns up a bit and used view C top and view D bottom. View C top has 6 loops in the back to hold the straps, I originally put all three loops  but removed the two middle.

So now I have  4 loops at the back, and its a little easier to get in and out of this short suit.  I don’t think i’ll be sewing this pattern with the loops again its kind of difficult to to remove for a quick bathroom break. That’s a no no for me, I like clothing that are easy to wear and don’t complicate my life. Next time I make this short suit ,I’ll sew back views A, B and D, not C so I wont have any issues taking this garment off. Additionally I top-stitched around the edge of my short suit with yellow thread, so that the yellow in the chambray fabric stand out more. I love this short suit pattern its perfect for Summer. Here is my version of Simplicity 8635.





D.I.Y McCall M7340

Hey everyone this week I created a simple dress using McCall’s M7430. The pattern has four views and I chose the second, view B but without the sleeves.  I didn’t need a lot of material to create this look, I only used 1 yard. Originally I was going to used sweater knit fabric , but its way too hot for that kind of material. So instead I used some light grey ribbed knit fabric I purchased at the Los Angeles Fashion District for 3.99 a yard. Also I picked up some matching thread and seam binding from my local fabric store Mylee Sewing Machines. This was my first time sewing ribbed knit fabric and it was very difficult. I took me 1 hour just to pin the  lines on the yoke to match up with the back piece. Every time I took out a pin the fabric moved, so I left the pins inside while sewing  instead of removing them from the material.  But it was worth the challenge because when ever I plan on working with this fabric again it’s going to be a lot easier. So, next time I use McCall’s M7430  I will be using  sweater knit fabric for the first time when Winter is near. For now, here is my version of McCall’s M7430 view B.




M7430 VB 1M7430 2M7430 BackM7430 VB3

McCall’s M7789

Hey everyone, Summer is finally here!! The first D.I.Y for the season is a very sexy and chic dress that’s so perfect for the hot weather. I really love this dress d.i.y, it was very easy to sew, and I had fun creating this look. I used McCall’s pattern M7789,  this pattern was released in Spring this year and I knew it had to be in my pattern collection. As soon as I got the pattern home I began planning for this d.i.y. To make this dress I purchased 3 yards of silk floral fabric, one invisible Zipper, thread, hook and eye. M7789_a

There are two changes I made to this dress. The first  was making two splits on the front of the skirt. The other revision I made was, instead of a regular zipper I used a invisible zipper at the center back of the dress. Other than that, this dress pattern was perfect and I do plan on sewing another soon for the Summer. Here is my Super Sexy Summer Dress D.I.Y.

Summer Swimsuit

                 It’s Summer and this week I’m showing the first swimwear I’ve ever made. Last week I purchased 4 yards of  blue swimsuit fabric from the Los Angeles Fashion District. So, I decided it’s time for a swimwear d.i.y! I used Vogue pattern V9192, view B and less than 2 yards of fabric.

            Sewing this one-piece suit  was a breeze and I enjoyed  making this d.i.y. It only took me two days to complete and I couldn’t be more happier with how it turned out. Because I have at least 2 more yards of this blue fabric I’m going to make another swimsuits in a different style. I love this Vogue pattern bathing suit because it’s very comfortable, super cute and easy to sew. I’m so excited for the Summer and my future swimwear d.i.y.