Simplicity Maxi Dress

.Here with another Mimi G Style sewing D.I.Y. using Simplicity S8291 view B. This dress was very easy to sew, and it only took me two days to finish. I used a grey and black two-way stretch knit fabric, the same fabric I used for Simplicity S8095 View B . The front of my dress was sewn in the opposite direction of the photo, I just needed to see if the look of the dress was going to change and it didn’t so I’m happy.

There is is one change I would make to this dress and that is to cut it shorter. This dress turned out to be really long, even after I took six inches off the pattern. I think the next time I sew this dress I’ll shorten it two or three more inches, so it’s not touching the ground. Other than that, I really love this dress and its my favorite Mimi G pattern. Simplicity S8291 is an easy and  fast make and will be perfect for the Summer. I think this dress will look great in a unique floral print fabric, I have to remember before I sew this d.i.y  again.





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