McCall’s Bishop Sleeve Dress

Hi everyone, last month I participated in ThatSewMonica’s Sew Your View Challenge. For each month Monica chooses a pattern and participants can sew their own view from that pattern. This was my first time joining the sew your view challenge and the pattern selected was McCall’s M7717.M7717_a

Sewing this garment was fun and I was excited to get started on this D.I.Y because I love the bishopBishop Sleeve.png sleeves, I think it’s so stylish. For my garment, I chose to sew view B in 100 percent light blue and grey floral cotton fabric. Also, I used four 5/8 inch light blue buttons, one 22 inch grey invisible zipper, and two yard of grey lining fabric.  Before sewing I made one change to the pattern and that was making the armhole 1\2 inch bigger. Other than that, there were no other changes made to the pattern or garment after ssewing and  I’m happy with the finished results. Finally, this month I’m showing off my bell sleeve dress. I hope this inspires you to sew your own view using this pattern.








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