Crochet Shrug

What’s up everyone, I wanna show off this very cute two-tone shrug by the Double Stitch Twins. The Double Stitch Twins (Erica and Monika Simmons) are designers and the author of 3 crochet books. Often times, crochet apparel is in the style of blankets , sweaters, shawls, socks, and gloves. But Erica and Monika Simmons has taken crochet apparel and accessories to another level with skirts, shrugs, dresses, tops, belts, etc. I love the Double Stitch Twins designs because they are unique and chic.

Last week, I was looking for a duster to crochet and found this pattern on the  RedHeart website. It only took a couple hours to make this shrug. I really enjoyed crocheting this because of how easy the direction were to follow.


I made two more with a few changes. For the others, I made them into crop tops by adding more rows and chain spaces.  To make the crop top I used two rolls of Caron Simply soft yarn and one roll of Redheart for the Shrug.

Crocheting these tops inspired me to create my own design. Stay tuned for that post, it’s coming soon.



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