Embroidered Denim Jacket

Hello everyone, I’m starting my Fall sewing with an embroidered denim jacket. On my birthday this year I  received an embroidery sewing machine(Brother SE425) as a gift. The machine has a lot of really nice embroidery designs that hasn’t been used. Not one  of the patterns in my collection has embroidery incorporated, which is why I haven’t used the machine until now.

So, I started browsing Pinterest for inspiration and ideas for my next project. Here are a few designs I thought were cool:

Now that I have an idea of  how I want my jacket to look, I need a jean jacket pattern. I thought about drafting a pattern. But I was browsing the Burdastyle website last month and there was a free tutorial for an embroider denim cropped jacket. Free is  my favorite word, so I jump right at the opportunity to start this project using the tutorial with Meg Healy of Burdastlye.

 This denim jacket was a very fun and challenging project. Sewing the jacket was easy, the challenging  part was embroidering.The denim fabric I used is thick and when combined with interfacing, it became thicker making it difficult to put the material into the embroidery hoop.Other than that, I enjoyed every moment sewing this jacket. I thought it was a pretty cool project for anyone who is new to embroidering.


Also, I spent a lot of time top stitching this jacket with light baby blue denim thread, its  perfect on the dark denim. As you can see in the photos there is top stitching all over this jacket, and I used 1/2 inch translucent floral buttons that were in my stash instead of snaps.

There are a few changes I would make for the next  time I sew this garment. First, I’m going to shorten the jacket pattern, so that its cropped for the Summer but since its Fall right now the length is perfect. On the pattern its written as a cropped jacket, but when finished its actually at my abdomen. Also, I wouldn’t repeat an embroider design twice in one area. Overall, I love how my  jacket turn out, its the first time I have sewn this type of garment and I’m happy with the results.

With Love, Sheily



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