Peach Dress 

 Spring is here and glorious spring floral  colors are in bloom , peach being  one of them. My peach dress is perfect for this good Cali spring weather. I couldnt be more happy about this warmer weather. This week I wanted to make a dress that’s fun, bright and flirty. So, I choose to make this very cute knit dress using Mc’Call’s pattern M7349 view A. Sewing this dress was very easy and it only took me 4 hours to complete and that includes cutting the pattern and fabric. I did not make any adjustments to the patterns, which cut a lot of time. The materials I used for this dress is 2yds of double knit fabric and matching thread. No other notions or materials were used for this project. Thankfully this dress only cost me 10 dollars to make, yay!😁 Here is my perfect peach spring dress. 

This wasn’t my first time making this dress, I made one last year for Independence Day. Here it is: 

I absolutely love this dress, it’s so comfortable and once again easy to sew. 

Thank you for the Support 

Love Presheil S.

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