My Very First D.I.Y

In 2015, I took a pattern making class for fashion students in the Spring. It was fun and I learned a lot about drafting, fitting, sewing, and pattern alterations. In this class each student had to design their own dress using  some of the drafting techniques we learned during the semester.  We also had to sew these garments ourselves, I was so nervous about this because I had only been sewing for a few month before the semester started.

Thankfully,  my professor was really nice and helpful , I managed to create a perfect spring dress that I wore at the end of the semester. I haven’t designed a dress since then, but I will as I find time. Drafting, editing, fitting, and sewing takes a lot of time. It took me a whole semester to make this dress, but it was worth all the time and effort. Going through these old photos inspires me to jump right back into pattern making and create my own designs. Here is my very first D.I.Y.

IMG_1169IMG_1170 (1)

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