Gold & Black Jumpsuit

Hey everyone, I made a jumpsuit this week using some really cool gold and black fabric I found at Walmart for 3.99yd. When I purchased this fabric the plan was to make a tote bag but instead I decided to make a jumpsuit. The pattern I used for this garment is McCall’s M6969 View B.

So, the materials I used were 2 yards of  100% cotton fabric , 1 packaged of black single fold bias tape, 2 3/4 yard of 1/2 inch black  elastic,  black thread, and four black 5/8 inch buttons. Before I started sewing this jumpsuit I  graded  the patterns down to a smaller sizes at the waist so it would have a better fit. No other changes were made to this pattern, the sewing was quit easy, I had fun and didn’t make any mistakes. I’m happy about how my jumpsuit turned out, here is my finished McCall’s M6969 View B Jumpsuit.

 The fabric print is unique and bold, I love it.

1b4caaee-3548-4f4f-abd8-a870f89aa2c4_zpscztvn8sy (1)

Thank you for the support

With Love, Presheil S.

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