Simplicity Jeans 

Hey everyone, here with my first jean d.i.y and I’m happy with the result. When I look at jeans they seem difficult to sew because of all the top stitching and the fly front zipper. Well,I must admit sewing these pair of jean wasn’t as difficult as I thought and I had fun making them. I went to Joan’s Fabric store and bought this Mimi G jean pattern, by Simplicity. The instructions were easy to follow, Mimi G has a step by step online sew-along here: it was very helpful.

So this pattern has three different fits to choose from, slim, average, and curvy. In Mimi G sew-along she suggest going down a size, which means since I normally wear a size 12 I chose size 10 in average fit.Here are my jeans:

Photo taken in my sewing room.


I had to do a lot of top stitching on theses jeans,at the side seam I had sewn a flat felt seam just to make my jeans a little different from the pattern. My top stitching is done in a light blue denim thread i got at Walmart for 3 dollars.

I guess my  kitten Cookie is letting me know she approves of my jeans, Thank you baby I love them to. Excited about the next pair I make, I see embroidered pockets in the future. Until then, I hope this inspires you to make your own jeans.

Thank you for your Support

With Love, Presheil S

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